IsoBlock P-1C

Power Sensor

  • Up to 50A
  • Up to 1500V
  • 3 Way Isolated
  • DC to High-bandwidth
  • Simplified wiring

Price and options

350.00 350.0 USD


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The IsoBlock Current-P is a three phase plus neutral module designed for high-quality isolated voltage and current measurements in the range from 6 to 50 Amperes and up to 1500V. The IsoBlock P module provides 1500V primary-to-secondary isolation, which allows users to monitor a miscellaneous of currents at different potentials.
The IsoBlock P uses Flux-Gate methodology to measure the current flowing through the input conductor.
The compact form factor of the IsoBlock P module allows users to setup high channel density monitoring systems, making it ideal for deployed and portable systems.