High performance shunt

  • Withstands surges of up to 5x rated current for 10 seconds
  • Enables high channel count and matches dynamic range of NI-9205 cRIO digitizer
  • ±100mV RMS output voltage for a ±5A RMS input current
  • DC to 40kHz range of operation. Customizable 2nd order output low-pass filter
  • Industrial grade casing
  • EasyConnect interfacing modules simplify and reduce cost of high channel count setups

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  • Input Current
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Verivolt Encore C is part of a family of current to voltage transducers designed to measure isolated and ground currents. The main focus of the Encore family is to ease and accelerate measuring the output current from isolated current transformers (CT). Particular attention was paid on providing a solution that minimizes cost and improves overall performance on distributed systems such as substations, building monitoring, power distribution systems, etc. The Encore C series covers the ranges of ±0.1A, ±1A, ±2A, ±3A, ±4A and ±5A, with customizable bandwidth of up to 40kHz and 0.2% accuracy.