IsoBlock T-1c

Thermocouple Isolator

  • K Type Thermocouple

  • 5,000V isolation (1 min)

  • Builtin cold junction compensation

  • ±10V output

  • Galvanic 3-way isolation

  • Compact construction

  • Simple setup

  • Drop in isolation to any DAQ

  • Spring cage connectivity and DIN rail fixturing for fast setup

Price and options

290.00 290.0 USD


  • Temperature
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The IsoBlock T-1c is a high performance isolated amplifier with built-in thermocouple cold junction compensation. It produces a low impedance isolated (6 mV/°C) output signal that can be measured with any standard ±10V DAQ.

Each IsoBlock V unit hosts an isolated channel that can be connected to a K thermocouple and is isolated to 5kV (1min) or 2kV indefinitely. The output signal from the IsoBlock unit is referenced in respect to the ground channel of the user’s data acquisition system.