IsoBlock AT

Accelerometer Isolator
  • Powering and measuring of standard accelerometers

  • 3 Way Galvanic isolation

  • 1,200V sustained and 5,000V peak isolation

  • 1Hz to 100kHz Bandwidth

  • Simple setup

  • Drop in accelerometer powering and isolation to any DAQ

  • DIN rail fixturing for fast setup

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Three-Way Isolation

The IsoBlock V modules provide a three way galvanic isolation:

  • Channel to Channel
  • Primary to Secondary
  • Signal to Power

This galvanic barrier prevents unwanted currents from flowing along the circuit and adds a level of protection as well as allows to operate grounds with different potentials.

100% Electronic Technology

The use of advanced analog design and advanced materials makes devices more compact, reliable and cost effective

Our designs reduce the footprint and impact in the environment as more friendly materials are used.

High-Common Mode Rejection

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Surge Protection

The IsoBlock V devices are designed to survive and protect other equipment against harmful voltage surges. These depend on the duration but can go as high as 20x the rated measurement range for up to 5 microseconds.

IIsoBlock V devices will cap the outputs to a maximum slighly higher than the output range, saturate and not go over range therefore protecting any connected DAQ.

Optional Filtering

Verivolt IsoBlock devices have a filtering stage that can be configured during manufacturing and serve as an anti-aliasing filter. This filter is a 3rd order filter and needs to be determined during the ordering.