Envoy SC

Low Cost Hall Effect Current Sensor

  • Aperture based sensor does not require to change current path
  • DC to 100kHz range of operation (300kHz option)
  •  ±10V outputs for best connectivity to any DAQ
  • DIN Rail mountable
    ***Not recommended for new designs!***
       *May be subject to longer lead times*

Price and options

99.00 99.0 USD


  • Input Current
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The Envoy SC is a single channel (SC) module designed for high-quality current measurements in the range from 50 to 300 Amperes.
The IsoBlock Current-FG uses Hall Effect with closed loop methodology to measure the current flowing in the conductor passing through the aperture. This is followed by an anti-aliasing filter and a conditioning stage to output a ±10V signal.
The compact form factor of the Envoy SC module allows users to setup high channel density monitoring systems, making it ideal for deployed and portable systems.