Enforce HS

Low pass filter
  •  Drop-in low-pass filter for any DAQ

  • 0.1% accuracy

  • 7th order low-pass "brick" filter

  • ±10V range

  • >1GOhm input impedance for minimum distortion

  • 50 Ohm output impedance for maximum flexibility

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    700.00 700.0 USD


    • Low Pass Frequency
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    The Enforce HS series was designed to be a off the shelf anti-aliasing filter for generic applications. The Enforce family covers the ranges of 10kHz to 1MHz bandwidth with very low noise and 0.1% accuracy. Each Enforce HS module outputs ±10V filtered version of the the differential signals at the input. The output is a low impedance voltage signal that can then be processed by a computer based measurement system.